Proposed Project & SDG Impact

LADIESFUND Energy proposes a project for delivering 200MW Solar Generation + storage to Karachi Electric. The uniqueness of this proposal is that it is led by a female entrepreneur, revered in her field, who has the vision to actively boost women representation, which is less than 1% today, in the energy sector.This will be accomplished by aggressively training and providing employment opportunities for women and creating a positive change story all around.Further of note, is the fact that Pakistan is serving as a theme champion at the High-level Dialogue on Energy New York, Sep-2021. This means that the country is committed to providing ministerial participation for the advocacy of relevant efforts in the field of renewable energy.

Considering the above, LADIESFUND Energy has made a conscious decision to support the UN’s call to action and have thus curated this proposal such that it delivers impact across the following Sustainable Development Goals, while being a candidate champion project that can be showcased by its respective country.

Not only will we deliver on the main promise of 200MW of sustainable energy generation (Goal 7), but we will also measure impact against all of the above SDGs and make it visible for all relevant stakeholders.

To create sustainable socio-economic impact, LADIESFUND Energy has  devised a comprehensive campaign that will be executed alongside the project. In this regard, it will aggressively pursue women involvement from the get-go starting with the project core team, which comprises majority of women. Further,we have a well thought plan whereby we will target cross collaboration between universities and focus on creating a mechanism for Female Engineers / Students to groom themselves and acquire expertise in the field of Renewable sector specially in the field of Management and Operation. Not only this, but through continuing renewable energy projects, this project will not only produce energy instead will play institutional role where it will provide and promote career opportunities to women going through different training programs.

Also, since LADIESFUND Energy will use its expertise to play the following roles pertinent to this project.

Herein, LADIESFUND Energy:

  • shall acquire land and all permissions required for development of Project from the Government and related a
  • shall provide its assistance to understand and acquire tax, customs and duties exemptions and other financial incentives available under current government policies shall facilitate the issuance of work permits and visas for EPC and OEM employees, and contractor
  • shall provide its full support and assistance to ensure the safety of EPC employees, Contractor, equipment / tools in Pakistan
  • shall provide Developer / Financiers all necessary information and assistance in coordinating with Government Departments/Agencies forimplementation and operation of their projects.